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The Ironlak dream began in 2002, when a young graffiti writer from Sydney wanted to offer Australian writers a premium spraypaint brand at an affordable price.

As the first Ironlak cans rolled onto shelves in 2004, the price of premium spraypaint was cut dramatically, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for Australian artists.

Starting your own spraypaint brand from scratch comes with a (not so) healthy dose of landmines and headaches. The support we’ve received over the years from writers around the world is what drives us to keep pursuing this crazy dream.

The original spirit of graffiti lives on. Know who you’re supporting.

Graffiti artists from around Australia will take over Adelaide in the wake of the festive season.

From gutter to gallery, the insatiable nature of graffiti art has continued to invoke and develop the raw talents of those who are most dedicated to it. ‘Indelible’ offers a uniformed aesthetic amongst this movement’s most current and thwarted practitioners, drawing focus upon each individual’s unique style and skill set.

Today, graffiti’s prevalence in mainstream culture allows artists to flourish through an array of creative enterprises, but their underlying passion will always remain true to the form. The work of these artists is ever-evolving and this show is dedicated to that fact.‬

Come and bear witness to ‘indelible’ -graffiti redefined.

Indelible features a handpicked selection of Australia’s most innovative and infamous:
APPLES, GIMIKS, MEKS, MONK, MUGER, OKIES, ROGER, VANS and our special guest DOES of the internationally acclaimed LoveLetters Crew.‬

Presented by Jamfingers with the firm support of Ironlak, Little Creatures, d’Arenberg, Motown, Clinic 116, RHD and Grand Scheme, ‘indelible’ is an evening not to be underestimated.‬

MAGAZINE | Friday 15 APRIL 2011 | No. 1 Clubhouse Lane | ADELAIDE | 7PM | Entrance off Hindley Street

For press and other related enquiries please contact:

Jimmi Jamfingers, Creative Director & Curator
W +61 (0)7 3823 5449
M +61 (0)410 817 813

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Re-up. Get up. Get fame.

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