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Early 90s.


New Jersey.


SpiderMan and Keith Hernandez (86 Mets!!!)


Lately Sirum Black-Red for outlines. Plus Smurf and Cameleon


It feels like paint you use to do "graffiti" with. It covers like a champ and is high pressured, so you can still get nice lines with a faster can action. One of the things I never liked about some of this new paint is that you have to relearn how to paint slow to get a crisp line, where as with older American paint, you had to go fast and be precise. Ironlak's finish is dope and the paint holds up really well with these east coast winters. And, I like how when you go back for day flicks, your piece smells like vanilla. Nothing I've ever painted with Rusto has smelled that delicious the day after.


I got into graffiti in the early 90s pretty much thru skateboarding. As a kid, I'd come into NYC from Jersey as much as possible to go skate.

In the early 90s, Manhattan was still really crushed. Then one day, a bunch of kids I knew from skating were talking about hitting the Brooklyn Banks right before this big contest. I remember this dude Dirty Gary did a big ass "Dirty Gary" bubble letter across the entire good part of the banks (where people used to ollie over the wall), and it came off in 411 Video Magazine and an issue of Big Brother. That sorta opened my eyes to the whole thing.

A bunch of dudes I used to skate with were already writing, or had tags, or were just up on it. I was always into skateboard graphics and comics and stuff like that, so I started writing my name on shit too. After tagging for a few months with little cans of Testor's Model paint, a friend loaned me his copy of Subway Art and also Spraycan Art. That changed the whole idea of it for me. Then I figured out that this auto parts store by my crib was an easy rack for Plastikotes. My first ‘piece’ was a ‘Cleft’ piece on a handball court in 91. I remember it had a Plastikote Baby Blue cloud with a Krylon True Blue outline on the cloud, and I think I outlined before I filled it in. The letters were a soft bubble style probably bitten from the Cliff 3YB piece in Spraycan Art. That piece was fresh.

I wasn't really good at painting pieces at all, and only did a handful of them. One day I ran into Nace (RIP) at one of these spots I used to skate on the regular. I guess this was about 1993/94. I knew Nace and his older brother Lenny thru a mutual friend that we all used to skate with. Nace had stopped skateboarding and I hadn't seen him for about a year or so. He popped up at the spot to drop his little brother off to skate. I was like "Yooo dude, how you been?, what you been up to?" and he shows me this blackbook he had. He had full color pages of sketches, and the painted piece taped in the book on the same page. I was like; "God damn! how the fuck you paint so clean?", my dude was like "just cut back..." and that shit straight blew my mind - spray paint goes over spray paint. He was a little older than me and had a whip. We rolled to the Paterson graff jam that Crazy Kings magazine used to throw.

That day I watched FC paint the "FC has landed" production with the pieces parachuting in behind enemy lines. I sat there for mad hours watching these dudes rock like; "Holy fuck! These dudes ain't playin’." I also watched Ces and Clark do the "Funky X-Pressions" joint with the Jimi Hendrix and watched the IMOK/DF cats do their thing as well. I remember Gaze was filling spraypaint lids with paint and throwing it at his piece to get splatters (I've bit that trick a few times now) and he was talking about outlining "switch-stance" to get a certain look to his lines.

Nace and I started painting more in about 94. Mostly doing freights. I moved to Philly in 96 and eventually just got into other things like DJing and focusing on like actual adult life shit. I was painting less and less and I guess around 98, I was pretty much done.

Then in 2003, I ended up moving back to Jersey. I decided to go check out some of the old freight layups one day, and when I saw how the spot was laid up I was like "Yooo!!" Ended up going solo on Christmas Eve 2003 and painting a really really shitty panel, but since then, I've been pretty much back on my painting grind. I reconnected with my dude Xide CTA, as well as my dudes Kemos MAYHEM and Chip MAYHEM, and '04 / '05 was all about rocking freights. Coming back to painting for the sole purpose of getting my mind off drama, shit became really fun again.

I linked up with Wane COD in 2004 and after two years of rocking with the President Know-bama, I earned my COD stripes. Linking up with Wane definitely pushed me even harder to paint, and he really pushed the importance of drawing sketches on me. I would just freestyle a lot of my shit at the time, but sitting down and trying things on paper really helped me.

These days I'm just trying to stay on my grind, travel, and drop little joints here and there, wherever I can, whenever I can.

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