Lak Club

Lak Club Terms and Conditions

Lak Club is the official loyalty program of Ironlak Art & Design retail stores. Visit a store today to join the Lak Club and earn amazing loyalty credits when you make in-store purchases.

1. Lak Club cards are non-transferable and remain the property of Ironlak Art & Design.
2. To be eligible for Lak Club member benefits and loyalty you must identify yourself as a Lak Club member before purchase to earn loyalty.
3. To be eligible for the Lak Club you must provide your first and last name, email and mobile number.
4. Lak Club loyalty credit may be excluded from some items at our discretion.
5. Membership and benefits of the Lak Club are for individuals and their immediate families only. Corporations, partnerships, trusts and other entities are not eligible to participate in the Lak Club. For corporate rates please call 1300 789 876.
6. No Lak Club loyalty are given on the purchase of gift cards, loyalty will be earned when the gift card is redeemed and the redeemer is a Lak Club member.
7. Ironlak Art & Design may amend Lak Club benefits and discounts available from time to time. Ironlak Art & Design will make all reasonable efforts to communicate changes using such methods including, but not limited to our newsletter and the Ironlak website.
8. Loyalty dollars are acquired for every $10 that you spend in store will earn $1 in loyalty credit. This can be used at any Ironlak Art and Design store in Australia. Some exclusions apply and some items may not earn loyalty.
9. Loyalty cannot be used or earned at online stores operated under the Ironlak branding.
The following conditions apply to loyalty earned:
• Loyalty can used on participants next order or can be accumulated for future purchases.
• Any refunds given will be removed from your loyalty total, if purchases have since been made using your loyalty you will be required to pay for items purchased with the loyalty or this amount will be deducted from your refund.

9. Previous purchases cannot be added to accumulated spend if your Lak card was not presented at the time
10. When joining Lak Club your information is collected so that we can communicate with you as a Lak Club member and provide you with offers and information from Ironlak Art & Design. By providing your information you agree to be contacted for this purpose. You can opt out of receiving information at any time if you chose to do so.
11. When redeeming or spending your loyalty we may ask for proof of identification for verify you are the account holder.
12. Ironlak Art & Design will be not be held liable if your Lak club card is lost or stolen and is used by someone other than the person whom it was assigned to. We will not offer compensation or reimbursement for used loyalty.
13. By accepting Lak Club membership you agree to these terms and conditions and any variation. You also agree to provide Ironlak Art & Design with any changes to your contact details.
14. Ironlak Art & Design reserves the right to change or terminate the Lak Club at any time without prior notice.
15. If you lose your Lak Club card, or it is damaged, Ironlak Art & Design will replace the card for free. Ironlak Art & Design reserves the right to charge for replacement cards if you have sought an unreasonable number of replacement cards.
16. These terms and conditions promote Lak membership benefits at Ironlak Art & Design stores in Australia.
17. If you have queries regarding the Lak Club, please contact your local store.
18. Personal information provided will be managed in accordance with Ironlak Art & Design’s Privacy policy.
19. Ironlak Art & Design employees or employees of their partner organisations are ineligible to participate in the Loyalty Program.

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